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Buy beads in bulk on Vintage Beads Wholesale and save on every purchase. You’ll love our incredible inventory of beads in every shape and color you could imagine- even cabochons. Vintage beads are not all we carry! Shop for copper coated beads, brass channels, acrylic cameos, acrylic gems, and many, many more.

Making jewelry is a great hobby and is also a creative way to make a living. You can design and sell pieces of jewelry that you create yourself. There are several things that you should know if you want to try to sell your craft online or elsewhere. You need to be able to make beautiful necklaces, bracelets, earrings and other jewelry that people will want to purchase. Start by making some prototypes. These can be made with any beads and other supplies that you already have on hand. Later, you will be able to purchase the supplies you need including beads in bulk.

How to Set the Price of Your Jewelry

You will need to determine how much a piece of jewelry costs to make before you can set the price that you will charge customers. The costs include all of the supplies that you use for the piece as well as the time you spent working on it. Keep in mind that you need to get paid for your time. Now, you need to mark up the item. This is the price that you will charge the customer so that you will have a profit.

If you purchased single beads at retail prices you may find that the cost to produce a piece of jewelry is too high and you can’t make a good profit. To resolve this problem you need to bring the cost of the materials down. One of the best ways to do this is to buy beads in bulk. You can also try to reduce the time you spend making the jewelry.

Sell Your Jewelry

Once you have designed some pieces of jewelry and set the prices you can begin to sell them online. Create a website or sell them through a crafter’s site. This will allow you to easily sell items including one-of-a-kind pieces. Take a look at other similar jewelry for sale to see whether your prices and quality are comparable.

As you start to sell more jewelry you will need to keep making more to keep up with the demand. You will also want to start making new designs. The more creative you become the more interesting your jewelry will be to customers. You can purchase a variety of beads in bulk so you have a large selection on hand to make your creations.

Once you begin to establish yourself as a jewelry artist you will find more and more places to sell your jewelry. You may consider selling your jewelry through a local boutique or specialty store. You may set up a booth at a local arts and crafts fair or at church or school bazaars. Wherever you choose to sell your wares you’ll need to make sure that you have plenty of pieces on hand for the event.

At Vintage Beads Wholesale we offer an extensive supply of vintage beads in bulk and at low prices. Check out our selection of beads and other jewelry supplies when you begin making jewelry.

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