Wholesale Beads

Wholesale Beads

Are you searching for an online outlet for wholesale beads? Vintage Beads Wholesale has what you’re looking for at some of the best prices you’ll find online. We offer free shipping on all domestic orders to the US with deep discounts on bulk bead orders. See our huge selection of plastic gem jewels, cabochons, Japanese pearls, faceted beads, bead caps, drop beads, and much more- all on our website.

Jewelry-making is both a hobby and a business. If you are creative you can make a living making beautiful jewelry. Many websites online have provided people with an excellent platform to sell their necklaces, earrings, bracelets and more. Handmade jewelry is a hot trend and people purchase hand-crafted items at high prices. When you have decided to make jewelry you need to keep the prices of the beads and components down. It is necessary to find wholesale beads at the best prices possible.

Wholesale Beads Online

When you create jewelry you need plenty of beads on hand. One of the best places to purchase wholesale beads is online. When you purchase beads in bulk you can get the best prices and the most for your money. You’ll be able to reduce your costs and increase your profits when you buy your beads and other jewelry-making supplies online.

If you typically shop at local retailers you will find that the selection isn’t very large. You will also find that you are paying a high price for a small number of beads. Buying wholesale beads allows you a much better choice. You can pick exactly the beads that you prefer and you can order them at a price that is better than you will find at retail shops.

Large Selection of Beads

You will find the largest selection of beads online. There are plenty of choices to pick from including a variety of sizes, shapes, colors and styles to meet your needs. Vintage beads are among the most durable and beautiful of all materials. They are made with high quality materials so they have a natural appearance. Yet they are easy to work with and offer a beautiful and less expensive alternative.

Regardless of the type of beads you need you can find them here. We offer one of the largest selections anywhere. In addition to plastic we also offer beads made from a wide variety of materials including glass, metal and wood. Beads are available in a large selection of sizes so you can choose the size the meets your particular needs.

Jewelry Making Supplies

In addition to beads we also sell a wide range of jewelry making supplies. Buying in bulk or wholesale gives you the advantage of being able to create your jewelry items at a savings so you can make more money per item when you sell them. We offer cabochons or cabs, bead caps, spacers, charms, chains, pendants, rings, jewelry findings and many other items that are necessary when making different types of jewelry.

When you want to save money and choose the best and highest quality beads shop with us at Vintage Beads Wholesale. Our inventory is easily viewed online and you can fill your shopping cart and enjoy a secure checkout experience. You will find everything you need here for your jewelry or crafting project. We obtain our vast selection of beads from a variety of sources and some of our stock includes vintage beads that are out of production from around the world. We have a great enormous selection and excellent prices!

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