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Buying Vintage Beads Wholesale

Looking for an outlet source for wholesale vintage beads? You’ll love our inventory at Vintage Beads Wholesale. Our customers love shopping with us for vintage Japanese pearls, cabs, cabochons, cameos, plastic chain, rhinestones, gem jewels, wooden beads, charms, and many other items that you can not find on other bead sites.

Have you been looking for vintage beads for your necklace, bracelet, crafting projects, beading projects or for your jewelry projects? Search no more. At Vintage Beads Wholesale, we sell wholesale vintage beads and we offer free shipping on domestic orders to USA. We sell at very competitive wholesale prices that will enable you to save more money, with the more ybeads that you buy.  Our vintage beads include marble matte of different colors, shiny, grooved, moonstone and plastic link chain or acrylic chain in different colors, styles and sizes. All our vintage beads are made between 1960’s to 1980’s so they are really unique. Vintage beads are magnificent and are of great quality which makes them the best for your designs. We specialize in selling wholesale vintage beads because we know most times they are in short supply but we have you covered for all types of projects. We are your #1 store for vintage beading supplies!

We have a large variety of quality vintage acrylic beads, vintage lucite beads and an enormous supply of plastic beads and much more. Visit Plastic Beads Wholesale and you will fall in love with our many differnt types of vintage beads that we have in stock. All of our beads are in stock so we ship all orders out super fast within one day of receiving an order.  Don’t wait to make up your mind because once we are sold out of a particular vintage bead it is gone for good…

How to identify vintage beads so that you don’t fall victim for fake vintage beads!

Sort the beads into colors, shapes, and sizes as it will be a lot easier to select through them and spot the real vintage beads compared to fake or imitation vintage beads.

You should examine the beads under natural light or excellent light conditions using a magnifying glass to get a a close look at the beads. If there are older embellishments or other unique characteristics about the beads, then this will help identify if they are of vintage quality. You can also look for sheen or gleam or any other shiny element to the vintage bead that may help specify the beads origin. Or sometimes, there could be natural aging or patina that will take place, which indicates a physical feature that has been on the piece for an extended period of time.

When you feel vintage beads if they are cold to the hand then they are usually either made from glass or a genuine stone. There are many different materials used in creating vintage beads including different types of plastic, lucite, acrlyic or bakelite.  Most times, if they feel heavy and can be warmed to the touch this shows that they are made from either glass or genuine gemstones. 

When you feel vintage beads in your folded hands, and they fall together, if they make a good noise or sound, then you probably have some quality vintage beads. Though you need to have trained your ears to be familiar with the different sounds that glass, gemstones and plastic beads make when knocked together. We carry quality and original unique beads at VintageBeadsWholesale from around the world.  So it lies with the eye of the beholder to select the beads you would like to use in your specific design or creation. We supply the largest selection of wholesale vintage beads at very competitive prices that you will not find from any other suppliers.

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