Vintage Beads

Vintage Beads

Shopping for vintage beads online can be a lot of fun, but at Vintage Beads Wholesale, we know you’ll have even more fun while saving money on your purchase. See our amazing inventory of round beads, disc spacer beads, faceted beads, nugget beads, donut beads, and many others. Check out our available discounts for bulk bead orders and they more beads you buy the more you will save.


Vintage Beads Wholesale is a wholesale shopping outlet that deals in beads of all different kinds. From plastic link chains to brass channels, pearls, acrylic cameos, coral glass beads, wood beads, hair combs, pendants, charms, and beads in different shapes such as drop, barrels, triangular, tube, rectangular, donut, nugget, faceted, copper coated, disc spacers, saucers e.t.c

Plastic beads are lightweight, unlike the traditional heavy pieces, and are a perfect fit for any season plus they are easy to maintain and keep clean as they are very durable. They are available in diverse colors, shapes, designs, and combinations as to finely impersonate real gems. They have always been a favorite for women of all ages. Some are frosted, transparent, inlaid with designs, and go entirely with any outfit.

Now, just so we are on the same page, it is essential to know that plastic was invented in 1909 in the form of bakelite. So entirely did they impersonate real gems that the “not so rich” were pleased with the idea that they also could now own something which only the rich were able to possess. Bakelite Beads were some of the first plastic beads that were made and many of them are highly deisred and are quite valuable.

How Are Vintage Plastic Beads Made?

Vintage Plastic beads are made from materials like acrylics, lucites and Bakelite. The plastics appear in the form of resins and or are called pellets. The first process is an extrusion. Here, the beads are fed into an extruder and additives are added. Afterward, they are directed to a heated barrel where their shapes are altered to a molten state. Impurities are extracted, and the desired shape is given, then the beads are left to cool to get a perfect finish.

Vintage Plastic beads come in a variety of types of plastic from lucites, Bakelite, acrlyic another plastic materials. Beads could appear frosted, alphabet shaped, flower shaped, star-shaped or in the form of gemstones or genuine stone. In recent days, vintage beads are used many ways such as embroidered in clothing materials of different kinds, whether for special occasions or daily wear. They could also be combined with other materials like sequins and embroidered on an outfit to create a different look all together.

Plastic beads could also be used in the creation of costume jewelry, shoes and bags. They have also become a trend for children… Little kids love the fancy stuff so imagine how thrilled a kid would be to get these gems especially when embroidered on their clothes or used as ornaments or in their hair. Plastic beads can also be used to adorn tables, curtains, and furnishings. The use of plastic  beads cannot be overemphasized.

Plastic beads require little or no maintenance. What this means is that you do not necessarily need to stress or work your self out trying to clean it or fearing it would break or get rusted, as the materials used in making plastic beads is of good durable value. Different Vintage Plastic Beads usually have different cleaning instruction as given by the manufacturers and it is advisable that people follow those instructions if they want to clean their beads.

Substantial outfits that carry many beads may be able to be dry cleaned but it is preferred to hand wash garments with beads, cabochons or rhinestones.  Moreover, you could store beaded garments in separate boxes to prevent scratches on them.

Vintage Beads Wholesale offers free shipping on orders in the USA.  We carry many unique products like Simulated Pearls from Japan, Cameos from Hong Kong, Lucite Beads from Western Germany, Brass Channels, Copper Coated Beads, Plastic Chain, Plastic Hooks, Moonstone Cabochons, Cabs from Italy and a gigantic supply of assorted types of Cabochons.

We assure one hundred satisfaction guaranteed and a safe secured shopping experience as a multitude of customers can all testify and attest to… Our legacy precedes us as we have customers from around the globe.

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