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At Vintage Beads Wholesale, we are proud to be the leading bead supplier to the global market. If you’re currently searching for a new place to buy beads online, we invite you to look over our beautiful inventory. We carry a lot more than just plastic beads! See us first for elegant Italian cabochons, simulated Japanese pearls, metallic beads, and much, much more.

Beaded jewelry is always in style but it can be expensive to purchase. Instead, you can make your own jewelry for you and your friends. Jewelry making is an enjoyable craft and it can also become more than a hobby. You can start a jewelry business and sell necklaces, earrings, bracelets and other pieces for fun and profit. If you plan on making jewelry you will need to purchase the supplies that you need. You must find a reputable bead supplier that offers a selection of supplies at reasonable prices.

High Quality Bead Supplier

Beads are the most important supply that you will need when you create jewelry. It is helpful to have a variety of different beads on hand when you want to start making jewelry. You can purchase beads in a number of places including your local craft store. However, you won’t find any better selection or prices than from an online bead supplier.

When you are stocking up on beads for your next craft project or to make jewelry to sell, you need to have a selection of different colors, sizes, styles and shapes so you can get creative. You may want to make a piece of jewelry with many different beads or may want to style a piece with a particular color scheme. A statement necklace may need only one large beautiful stone along with some smaller beads to complement the piece.

Tips for Purchasing Beads Online

It can be fast and easy to purchase beads online but there are a few tips to follow to make sure that you get what you need. Take a few minutes to learn about the various types of stones and beads that are available. That way you can search for exactly what you’re looking for. Beads may be made from different materials. Glass, plastic and wood are among the most common materials. Keep in mind that glass beads are often heavier so if you are using a lot of beads in a piece you may want to consider a lighter material.

Beads come in many different styles and colors. Look at the description of the beads to find out whether they are transparent. If so it means that you will be able to see the cord or chain inside. Make sure that you choose the correct size beads for your project. Different sized beads also have different sized holes so you need to be sure that your cord or finding will fit through the opening.

You should always purchase more beads than you think you will need because you may use them quickly. Buy beads from a reputable bead supplier. They offer high quality beads at reasonable prices and will offer bulk purchasing options. If you plan to make a lot of the same style piece of jewelry you may want to buy a large quantity of beads at once to enjoy the discounted pricing. Vintage Beads Wholesale offers a huge inventory of quality beads, stones and jewelry making supplies to fit all your needs.

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