Wholesale Beads In Bulk

Buy wholesale beads in bulk on Vintage Beads Wholesale and save money on every order. We are a global source for vintage, out-of-production beads at very low prices, everyday beads and jewelry-making accessories, and ornaments, like cabochons and rhinestone gem jewels. Check with us before you shop anyplace else moreover we ship for Free in the US.

Jewelry making is one of the most creative and fun hobbies possible. You can craft your own necklaces, earrings, bracelets, rings and more with just a few tools and some wholesale beads in bulk.  In addition to making jewelry for yourself and your friends and family, you can also choose to sell your jewelry designs.

Create Beautiful Jewelry Designs

You don’t need a lot of experience to create beautiful jewelry designs. The basic jewelry-making techniques are easy to learn and you can soon master them. You will need a few jewelry-making supplies and a selection of beads and cabs or stones to get started. You can purchase wholesale beads in bulk online so you will have plenty of beads to create any design you choose.

One of the most satisfying things about creating your own jewelry is that you can make a beautiful one-of-a-kind piece that will be distinctive and unique. Once you learn how to make jewelry you will find that you can easily create any type of necklace, earrings or bracelet that you want. You can get extremely creative and you can even make special designs to go with particular outfits.

Wholesale Beads in Bulk

Whether you’re new to jewelry making or are an old pro, you’ll need to have a large variety of beads on hand for your designs. Beads come in a huge array of sizes, shapes, colors and designs so you can be as creative as you want. In order to have plenty of supplies on hand you’ll need to order wholesale beads in bulk.

When you buy wholesale beads online you get a lot of beads for your money. Unlike the local craft supply stores where you only get a few beads in a package, wholesale beads can be purchased in bulk. This is helpful because you will find that you will use quite a few beads when you create jewelry. Some designs use more beads than others and you’ll also need to order spacers, chains and findings to make jewelry.

High Quality with Low Prices

You don’t have to sacrifice quality for affordability. When you purchase beads online they are the same high quality that you expect but are simply available direct to you so the prices are lower. One of the advantages of buying beads online is that you can choose from a vast selection of different sizes, shapes and colors depending on your specific needs. You will always be able to find the exact types of beads or stones that you are looking for when you shop online. Vintage Beads Wholesale offers a huge inventory of all types of beads, stones and jewelry making supplies. We have a large selection available at our low warehouse prices. We pass the savings on to you directly, rather than going through a middleman. Our products are always high quality and affordable so you can purchase a lot of beads at once. Use our secure online ordering system to purchase beads for all of your jewelry making needs.

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